Bachelor Thesis: Validation & Improvement of Business Process Performance


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Our success story began in 1986, when we helped the German automotive industry to digitalize their paper-based supply chains. Today, SEEBURGER is a leading global B2B software provider with more than 1,000 #businessaccelerators in 15 countries worldwide and over 10,000 satisfied customers that rely on our innovative solutions.

Bachelor Thesis

Validation and improvement of business process performance using the B2B Standard Solution as an example




The B2B Standard Solution forms the backbone of digital business processes in the retail and automotive industry by enabling efficient automation with the help of a Business Integration Suite and is available to numerous B2B customers. Over time, this process description has grown to include both outdated and new technologies and process descriptions. In this context, this bachelor thesis aims to identify the specific measures to optimize these process descriptions as well as the potential technology improvements and code optimizations to increase performance in individual business processes.




The results of this work present concrete implementation proposals that enable a noticeable improvement in performance. It also shows how performance measurement can be performed at the end of the implementation process. Thus, this thesis not only provides a valuable contribution to the validation and improvement of business processes in the B2B Standard Solution, but also offers a guide for companies that want to overcome similar challenges in their digital processes. Students who wish to develop a deep understanding of process optimization, technology integration, and code improvements will find this work a sound basis for their further studies and career prospects.




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