Dual Studies 2025 - Bachelor of Science Business Informatics - Bretten


Bretten, DE, 75015

Division/Department:  Education
Experience:  Apprenticeship

”Accelerating business to improve the lives of people”. This is our purpose statement and encapsulates what we enthusiastically do every day. We integrate our customers’ IT systems to make sure that the right data is at the right place at the right time when they digitalize their processes. Companies need their systems to talk to each other to ensure that cars roll off the factory line, that everyone receives their payments on time, and that you can buy what you need from a supermarket.

Our success story began in 1986, when we helped the German automotive industry to digitalize their paper-based supply chains. Today, SEEBURGER is a leading global B2B software provider with more than 1,000 #businessaccelerators in 15 countries worldwide and over 10,000 satisfied customers that rely on our innovative solutions.

In cooperation with the DHBW in Karlsruhe

Start on 01.10.2025 - Preliminary internship from 1 September!


For a company like SEEBURGER AG, the study of business informatics is virtually predestined, because as an integration house, we automate a wide variety of business processes with our software solutions. In order to be able to set up the software at the customer's site, our consultant must know what makes the customer's industry tick. On the other hand, he must have a great affinity for IT, because he will be confronted with many other IT-related challenges in addition to the SEEBURGER software.

In addition to the already described field of application in consulting, possible applications in support or sales are conceivable. In any case, we train our students for our own needs and have an almost 100% hiring rate. In industrial companies, business data processing specialists are usually responsible for the support and further development of the systems and applications used. At SEEBURGER you are part of the value-adding staff and therefore have many opportunities for further development. In any case, a very varied and at the same time challenging job with diverse development opportunities.

Since 2012, the DHBW has been offering the Sales & Consulting field of study for the Business Information Systems degree program. This field of study comes closest to the later employment of the business informatics specialists at our company. Requirements for this training: good Abitur, ideally from a technical high school, high IT affinity, good English skills, strong communication skills and a confident manner.


More information also on https://www.karlsruhe.dhbw.de



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Daniel Iwtschenko

+49 7252 96-2224

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Benefit from being part of a globally renowned company that is driving digitalisation forward. We continue to grow - and so can you! It is important to us that you can fully utilise your talents and strengths and go your own way, regardless of whether you are aiming for a specialist or management career. With our expertise and growth in a future-oriented industry, we offer a wide range of opportunities and secure jobs. At SEEBURGER, we value the supportive atmosphere and family environment. #StrongerTogether is one of our corporate values and characterises the way we live together.

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