Internship Semester: Conversational AI Documentation Assistant


Bretten, DE, 75015

Division/Department:  Development
Experience:  Student / Working Student

”Accelerating business to improve the lives of people”. This is our purpose statement and encapsulates what we enthusiastically do every day. We integrate our customers’ IT systems to make sure that the right data is at the right place at the right time when they digitalize their processes. Companies need their systems to talk to each other to ensure that cars roll off the factory line, that everyone receives their payments on time, and that you can buy what you need from a supermarket.

Our success story began in 1986, when we helped the German automotive industry to digitalize their paper-based supply chains. Today, SEEBURGER is a leading global B2B software provider with more than 1,000 #businessaccelerators in 15 countries worldwide and over 10,000 satisfied customers that rely on our innovative solutions.


Conversational AI Documentation Assistant



Motivation and Goals

Documentation of software systems should be presented in an understandable, individual and interactive way. Transformer models enable various NLP tasks such as question answering, summaries, translations into another language, or question generation. Other frameworks provide components for speech recognition, as well as generation of speech from text. A first prototype for a Question Answering System "Ask SEEBURGER" has been developed, which marks partial sentences in text segments matching a question.




In this work, first the potential of transformers for different NLP tasks and further components for a Conversational Assistant shall be practically evaluated. Then, a prototype will be developed that presents content from the documentation and blogs In natural language dialogues or monologues. For the work, an AI computer with 4 Nvidia 3090 GPUs, as well as a text corpus from system documentation and blogs, and questions from the test run of the prototype are available.



Location: Karlsruhe and/or Bretten



Contact Recruiting:


Daniel Iwtschenko

+49 7252 96-2224

LinkedIn - XING


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